Friday, September 23, 2011

Karie and the Car

Well, today has been a crazy day. I'm back home early and completely exhausted. Before the wife and kids come home I wanted to type this out as quickly as I could. I go to work pretty early and get on 101 as soon as I can to beat the traffic. My office is way down south of San Francisco so beating the traffic is pretty important. Unfortunately, on the way the car in front of me stopped hard and I didn't have enough time to stop myself. As I rearended the car we both pulled over and got out. The driver, Karie, was a pretty 26 year old woman. Nice fit body and long black hair. I have to say that, in thinking about it now, she's pretty attractive but with the accident I wasn't noticing.

We exchanged contact info and went back to our cars when I noticed that she wasn't pulling away. I waited a little bit to make sure everything was ok and still no movement. The door opened up and she came over to my drivers windows. "my car won't start" she said. "do you need help getting some place?" I asked. She looked a little concerned but seemed to give in and said "just to work a couple of minutes in Santa Clara". "Not a problem" I replied as it is on my way.

We had a good conversation and I dropped her off at her office and went on to mine. It was around 9:10am when I got a phone call from her. She seemed fairly distraught and on the verge of tears when she asked me if I could pick her up and help her get home. She had just gotten fired and just wanted to go home to cry. Feeling like I put her in this bad position there was no way I could refuse.

I stopped by her office and picked her up. She just sat there as I drove up to the city. Halfway through I got her to start talking and suggested we just go for something to eat. We pulled over to a diner and started to talk. I was able to get her into a good mood by making her laugh. The diner served alcohol and we were able to convince them to serve early based on her bad day. After a couple of hours it was going great. She was happy and we were having a good time.

"I'm really sorry about today. First the rear end and then work. I really need to make it up to you" I said. She looked at me and grinned "Yes you do". Feeling a bit frisky and having nothing to loose I said "I know, we'll get a room and you can have your way with me". Expecting nothing but another laugh, she looked over and said "let's go". Before I knew it we were in SF at the Hilton getting a room.

I couldn't keep my hands off of her in the elevator, hallway and when we got into the room. Once the door shut I stated taking off her top as she unbuttoned my pants and slid her hand down. Her hand winded around my hard cock as her head lifted up looking right at me. "oohh" she said with a smile. "You really will make me happy". "You like that?" I asked with a grin. "You're fucking thick" she said with a deep exhale.

We quickly took off our clothes and fell onto the bed. Now, I love firm bodies. There's nothing like a hot woman. With that I love a good size ass and tits. She had a good pair of C cup tits but her ass was nice! A good 36 and firm.... I nearly went into an instant state of lust frenzy. I pulled her pussy onto my face as we started to 69. Both of my hands firmly on her ass cheeks. My tongue slipping in between her lips as I could start to taste her more and more. The more I could taste her the more I wanted. Karie began to work my cock with her wet mouth. Her right hand placed on the bottom of my shaft to hold it up but never taking me all the way. I could hear her groan with just 1/3 of me in her. It was feeling so good my hips started to lift up to her mouth.

Pretty quickly I could feel her hips grind on my face and soon after that a rush of warmth into my mouth as she came. She didn't scream like I love but she did give a good guttural moan. As she finished, her ass grinded down and her asshole was placed nearly in my mouth. With a mouth full of Karie and nothing to do, I spit it on her asshole. It must have been a trigger with her as she exhaled with a good and long "oooohhhh fuck". I placed my hands deeper into the cracks of her ass and pulled them apart as my index finger started to rub the wetness around her asshole.

Like magic, her ass lifted to follow my finger as her check pushed down on my stomach. I continued to rub and then insert my finger in. Her hips pushing back into my finger until it was completely gone inside. After a couple of minutes of this her fingers were digging into my legs and her mouth was sucking the life out of my left ball. I honestly don't think she was in control of herself.

I pushed her off and spun her over. Lifting her over the side of the bed and standing behind her I placed my cock on her asshole. Her hands gently spread her cheeks apart giving me visibility. I just placed my head in when I saw her ass pucker and tense. Giving it a moment for her to relax I start to push in and out slowly until I was nearly all the way in. At this point the verbal woman I love started to come out. The streams of "Fuck me", "oh God", "Fuck my ass" was coming out in troves.

I haven't had sex with anyone anally since Sarah so I'm no expert at this. But this woman was loving it. Her tight asshole clenching my cock did not take long for me to tense up and cum inside her. I relaxed and stayed in for a moment to regain my composure. She was still pushing in and out on me. I noticed that her right hand was rubbing her clit and inserting itself into her wet pussy. Wanting to make her happy and hearing her get close I decided to bite the bullet and try to stay in. It only took a couple of more seconds before a deep moan came out as her ass tensed and she came. I nearly thought she was going to rip my cock off her ass tensed so much.

We both laid back on the bed and relaxed. The conversation was good and I ended up driving her home. I've never had a day like that. When I get home my cell phone rings and it's Mrs. Jones. I was shocked and couldn't figure out what to say. But after a couple of minutes it came out that she couldn't stop thinking about me for the past couple of months. Her husband was out of town and she wanted a playdate badly. We set something up for tonight and I can't wait but for right now I have to relax. Today is a hell of a great day!

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