Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A pornstar fantasy

I don't really watch porn but I am a man so it has been done.  I have sat back a bit and thought about who would be in my bucket list.  Of course this is all a fantasy as there's not a chance in hell they would ever be open to having a trist with me.

Top 5:

1 - Kayden Kross - Stunningly attractive and having her give one of her mesmerizing blow jobs would be a dream.
2 - Jesse Jayne - She's a dirty little screamer.... and I LOVE a dirty little screamer.
3 - Nina Mercedez - She's just stunningly hot and a girly girl.
4 - Lani Barbie - Very attractive.  Hot curves, dark hair... what else could you ask for?
5 - Eva Angelina - She's cute but there's something utterly nasty to me that makes me hot.

There are more but these top five are enough for me.  what are yours?

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