Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sarah the Intern

I've always loved having interns be part of my team.  The ability to support individuals to come into my industry has always been something I've supported.  On one special case, however, it became extra special.  Her name was Sarah and she came on and reported to one of my directors for the summer.  I never thought much of it other than how attractive she was.  She was 23, 5' 9", athletic, dirty blond hair and a fantastic pair of breasts and ass.  Her chest was a fantastic, slightly larger than C, size.  Her ass was just stellar.  Always a sharp dresser, she was mesmerizing to watch.  My heart always skipped a beat when she walked by.  I didn't get to spend a lot with my team so I only saw her once or twice a month.

One Friday I was in town and went with my team to get drinks after work.  With over 12 of us there, I was the credit card to buy them.  All of the things that a good boss does to develop a fun environment in the bay area.  As the hours wore on the team started to dissipate and there were just four of us left and Sarah was one of them.  Not knowing anything about her we started to talk.  I was pleasantly surprised that she was as witty as she was and funny.  Always quick with a sharp quip, she could definitely hold her own with me.  As my ability to gauge her mental strength I began to get bolder and bolder with my jokes.  She was wearing a very attractive silk blouse that was unbuttoned down to her braw line.  Her black skirt was mid thigh as she sat on the bench next to me.

As the drinks went on, I couldn't help from gazing at her breasts and thighs.  As much as I'd like to think that I'm sly, I kept noticing that she saw.  It was after the sixth or seventh time I think she caught me that she leaned over and whispered "You're not that subtle staring at my tits".  I quickly felt my face get blushed and nervous.  I smiled, took a drink and tried to regain my composure.  "Can you blame me?" I asked.  "Only if you blame me for staring at your ass", she responded.  I started to blush some more.  Feeling that this was going to end up in a very bad HR situation, I decided to get up and call it a night.  As I put on my jacket she grabbed my sleeve and said "going so soon?  It was just about to get fun".  I couldn't help myself.  I took another look at her as she pushed her arms together making her tits lift up more than normal.  "I have to go back to the office and finish up some performance reviews before I go home." I said.  She looked over at the other two and responded "Well, I have to go back as well and get my computer.  Maybe you can walk me as it's getting dark".  My heart skipped another beat.  I quickly paid the bill and said goodbye to the last two remaining staff members and headed out the door.

We were only around the corner about two blocks away from the office when she started to hold my arm.  We didn't say much but she did look over at me and asked "Is my review in there for you to finish?".  "It is as a matter of fact" I said.  As we entered into the building and up to the twelfth floor, I unlocked my office and went in.  She took off her coat and sat at the table, crossing her legs and slightly lifting up her skirt.  I could have sworn she unbuttoned her blouse another button as I picked up her file.  I shut the door and sat down across the table.

"It looks like you've been doing a good job, however, there are some problems" I said.  "I appears you don't seem very motivated by the work.  I can understand it as the work can be boring sometimes, but it won't help you progress if it's something you really want.  I guess the question is if you really want to do it."  I was trying to be professional as much as I could with her thighs being right there in front of me.  She looked over, in a bit of shock, and said "I do want this job and there are boring parts."  Her face changed a bit to that more relaxed and comfortable one I remembered at the bar.  "What is it that I could do to prove that this is what I want?".  She leaned onto the table with her left elbow and her right hand cupping her left breast nonchalantly.  There was no hiding my staring at it.  Her thumb and forefinger were appearing to pinch her nipple over her blouse.

Before I knew it she was standing up and walking over to me.  Standing in front of me and between my legs, she leaned over close to my face.  Staring into my eyes, she said "I'll do anything to prove that I want this job" with a sly smirk on her face.  Her hands ran down my shoulders to my pants where she began to unbuckle my belt and unzip my pants.  Her well manicured fingers gently pulled my cock from my boxers as she bent down on her knees in front of me.  With one long lick from my base, she stared straight at me and smiled as she put all of me in her mouth.  Very slowly, and always looking at my eyes, she began to go up and down me with her hand gently twisting around my shaft.  I was a loss for words. Partially because I didn't want her to stop and partially because I was still in disbelief.  I placed my hand on her head as it went up and down and started to relax.  It didn't take long before I couldn't take any more.  I started to groan and letting out the typical "Fuck, that feels good".  The more I got excited the faster she went.  It was truly the best blow job I've ever had.  I could feel it getting close and had both of my hands on her head grabbing her hair tightly.  With my fists full of her hair, pushing my cock hard into her mouth I could hear her moan hard herself.  Finally, I came hard deep into the back of her throat.  Pushing my hips deep into her face, I thin started to relax and release my hands.

I watched as her head lifted from me and my cock being let go from her mouth very slowly.  She smiled and wiped her bottom lip.  "You like that I take it" she said.  "How could I not?" I asked.  "But if you are going to work here, you're going to have to try harder than that."  "What did you have in mind?" she asked.  She stood up in front of me as I slowly looked her up and down.  "Walk over to my desk" I commanded.  As she walked over I stood up and took off my shoes and pants then followed.  She stopped between my chair and my desk and turned around facing me.  I sat in my chair with her in front of me.  I unzipped her skirt and let it fall t the floor.  Her red silk underwear was staring at me at eye level.  I slowly grabbed the sides and pulled them down, letting them fall to the floor and revealing her well shaved pussy.  Her hand gently was placed on the back of my head as I admired it.  "Is my pussy up to your standards sir?" she asked.  "we'll see" I said as I pushed her on top of my desk and had her lean back.  I lifted her legs to be around my shoulders and onto the back of my chair.  I leaned forward and placed my mouth around her pussy, licking and sucking I found myself captivated.  I love to lick pussy, especially a well groomed one.  Both of her hands were now on the back of my head as I licked and inserted a finger in.

"Thank you sir" she moaned as I kept licking.  She was getting into this "boss" thing a bit and I couldn't be happier.  "Make me cum, lick my pussy" she kept moaning as I kept going.  Finally, her hands were grabbing hard on the back of my head as she groaned a loud screaming "Fuuuck!" and her back lifted off of the desk.  I could feel the warmth of her cum hit my mouth... I love that.  In complete lust, I stood up in front of her, lifting her left leg over me spinning her onto her stomach.  There it was, that hot ass that I've watched and dreamt about for so long right there in front of me.  "You going to finally fuck me?" she asked as she looked at me from over her right shoulder with a smile.  I leaned forward, pressing my cock between her  ass cheeks and kissed her neck.  "I'm going to make you earn your paycheck" I said.  I heard a subtle groan as I said it and she lifted herself onto her elbows.  I reached forward and grabbed those beautiful tits of hers and then slid my fingers to only grab her blouse.  I couldn't help it.  She was a very beautiful woman in one of the most beautiful positions in my mind.  I pulled her blouse back, ripping her buttons off revealing her braw.  I quickly unhooked her braw and took it off leaving her completely naked in front of me.

Her nipples were hard as her tits laid on my cold desk.  I slowly eased my cock into her warm pussy as she groaned "Fuck... fucking big...".  My hands were both firmly placed on her ass cheeks in a tight grab as I started to push in and out.  The sight of my hands on her ass as my cock went in her is something I'll never forget.  Her ass was higher than my desk making it pop up a bit and her hips were stunningly curvaceous as it went to her back.  Her long hair rested on her back as her head was leaning back from her resting on her elbows.  It was hard keeping a hold of her ass as she was pushing back as I was pushing in.  "God your pussy feels so good." I said.  "You're going to make me cum deep inside you".  She looked back and said "ooh.. baby don't do that.  I've got something better".  She laid down and put her hands on her ass cheeks pulling them apart.  She then inserted one of her fingers into her ass very slowly.  I stopped mid push.  half out of courtesy of what she was doing and half because I was captivated.  As she got her full finger in she pulled it in and out as her other hand grabbed my cock.  Pulling my cock out of her pussy she placed my head on the rim of her ass.  I put my hands back on her ass cheeks and spread them.

"Fuck my ass.  I want you to cum hard into my ass.  Sir." she said.  I slowly pushed into her tight ass all the while holding her ass cheeks apart.  "oohh... fuck..." she moaned.  She grabbed her ass cheeks herself and removed my hands.  "Sir, deeper sir...fuck..." she moaned some more.  I started to move faster and faster.  Her ass was glowing red from of all of the grabbing and it was making me hotter and hotter.  I put my hands on her shoulders for leverage as I pushed in deeper and deeper.  "Your ass is so tight" I said.  "I want to fuck you all day".

I was completely lustfully taken with this woman now.  Her right hand moved from her ass to my hand and moved it to her throat.  Placing my thumb around her neck and fingers around her through was something that I never did to anyone and wasn't even thinking of in the moment.   Before I knew it, both of my hands were tightly around her neck.  "Fuck me!" she screamed.  The constant screaming coming from her only made me go harder and harder.  I was completely out of breath from the constant pounding I was doing into her.  I looked up, almost about to cum, and saw that her face was completely red as my hands were very tight around her neck.  Her hands still holding her ass apart for my cock to slam into her ass.  "Oh God!" I screamed.  Then with a huge push I pounded out the hardest cum I've ever had.  With four huge slams, I was spent.

I slid back into my chair as she laid down on my desk.  Her swollen red ass just stood there in front of me.  I slowly ran my and up and over it a couple of times in complete awe.  After a minute or two I stood up and put my clothes back on as she did the same.  "How was my review she asked?" as she buttoned up her blouse.  "Good, but I think you're going to need some hard and active mentoring" I said.  She walked to the door, stopped and turned to look at me.  "You coming with me?" she asked.  I looked curiously at what she meant.  "I give my bosses their monies worth and you paid for a full days worth of work" she said.  I quickly finished getting dressed and followed behind her home.

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